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  YUEQING CHGHE CO.,LTD was founded in insulation materials in June 2007, the company is located in the electrical Sheng said the capital city of Liu. Since founding the company, with strict management, has become a study from the production, processing and marketing a comprehensive enterprise-type insulating material.
  The main companies in the manufacturing process: composite products: 6520 6521 paper insulated soft polyester film composite, 6632 DM, 6630 DMD, 6631 DMDM, 6641F polyester film DMD-level non-woven soft polyester fiber composite materials. Insulation paper: Paper power cable, telephone paper, cardboard and electrical insulation, green paper shell. Laminated products: 3240,3041 epoxy glass cloth laminated sheets of paper phenolic laminate, 3021,3025,3026 phenolic cotton cloth laminated boards, melamine plate glass cloth, 3840,3841 epoxy glass cloth laminated bar, 3721,3725 phenolic Laminated cotton sticks, 3640,3641 epoxy glass cloth laminated tubes, 3520 phenolic laminated paper tube, and so on. Insulation films: 6050 polyimide film, 6020 polyester film, plastic film Lingge point, the PVC film. Insulating sleeve: 2715 PVC pipe painted fiberglass, silicone rubber casing, casing self-extinguishing, silicone insulation casing, casing set pattern, acrylic fiber glass casing, PVC plastic casing. With insulation: E-glass fiber tape, E-wax-free mesh belt. Electrical insulation tape: polyimide tape, heat PTFE tape, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape, polyester film tape, PVC electrical tape impregnated fiber products: oil-based paint 2210 silk ,2210-1 oil-based paint Choudai, J-2310 oil A section of polyester silk and so on. A total of eight over 1200 varieties of the world's best-selling products from seven countries.
  YUEQING CHGHE CO.,LTD and extensive business philosophy: the technology-led,-based management, quality assurance; the Company to rely on a strong technical strength and experience to undertake various types of insulation materials research and development and manufacturing, the majority of customers willing to To provide quality products and services.
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